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Theft and Robbery

Theft and robbery both are crimes of same nature but are distinct because of their some aspects, the final objective or intention in both the crimes is same but the way of committing the crime are quite different from each other, so the punishments for both the crimes are also different from each other.

Theft is a crime in which one person takes the authority of another person’s property without having his/her permission or consent and have the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. This can be carried out only on tangible assets or properties such as cell phones, jewelery, money, cars, motor vehicles and many more physically movable objects. On the other hand robbery is a crime in which intention is as same as in theft but the method of carry out the crime is a bit different in which one person rob the property of other person forcefully by showing fear of getting hurt physically or death, in this case also the crime is committed for the tangible assets as same in the case of a theft. Robbery can be of many types some of them are here.

  • Armed robbery involves use of any weapon or any utility thing which can be used as a weapon.
  • Aggravated robbery involves use of deadly weapon like gun and others.
  • Highway robbery takes place at public places or anywhere in outside such as sidewalk, parking lot, public parks, highways and many more.
  • Carjacking is the acting of stealing car or any other automobile from a person forcefully by making him/her feared about getting hurt physically or killed.

A person who regularly performs the act of theft is known as thief and who performs the act of robbery is known as robber. Theft and robbery both the crimes are cognizable and non-bailable in India.

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Criminal Lawyer in Odisha provide the proper guidance during required paper work for the victim of theft or robbery, we have good knowledge in all types of legal and law related aspects of theft and robbery and we are keen to help the victims in a better manner so that all the victims get the justice from the court that they deserved.

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