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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual advance, unwelcome request for sexual favours or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated, where a reasonable person would anticipate that reaction in the circumstances.

The Sexual harassment of women at the workplace was not considered as specific offence till the time the Apex Court of India, gave its landmark judgment in Vishaka vs. State of Rajasthan laying down specific guidelines and giving directions to the employers to have sexual harassment policy in the workplace and to consider sexual harassment as a serious offence. Today, all workplaces in India are mandated by law to provide a safe and secure working environment free from sexual harassment for all women.

Be an informed citizen and if you know someone who is being harassed or see or hear an incident of sexual harassment or are subjected to an offensive environment, you can also take the appropriate steps to resolve the harassment;

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